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Whether you are managing a family members estate, downsizing for retirement or simply relocating, we can help you with the important and often overwhelming task of liquidating an estate. Also, if you are planning on selling or have already sold your house and need the house cleared quickly, we can help. Our goal is to make your transition as quick and stress free as possible. With the highest degree of compassion, honesty and diligence, Rhode Island Estate Sales and Cleanouts can help you during a difficult transition. 

We will appraise, set up, advertise and conduct the sale.We act as your agent and work for you! It's our goal to uphold the highest standards in estate sales and appraisals.

Our team can evaluate and appraise your collections of estate jewelry, sports memorabilia, coin collections or any other collections you may have. We will get the most money for you. We have licensed coin and jewelry dealers with 40+ years that can help.


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